Baby Steps on a Long Road

I spent the day researching more about the Craft. I chose to stay in pjs, drink coffee, and study my little ass off. The weather made my head want to explode in such a way that MJ didn’t even subdue it. A severe thunderstorm rolled through, and I chose to sit in my BMW, watching and listening to the hard patter of rain across the convertible top in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The shopping trip proved successful, buying the tools to create my first Book of Shadows. I’ve written a few things such as The Rule of Three Belief, the Wiccan Rede, Wiccan Law, and the Law of Power to add tomorrow when I cleanse the entries and bless my BoS. I feel that I’ve been academically productive today, and that has made me very exhausted. Sleep will come quickly, and tomorrow holds a day of work and more study of the Craft. Good night all.

Blessed be- Keeva


First Post Jitters

As I sit here smoking, my brain scrambles to figure out what to type next. Becoming a witch of the craft has proven overwhelming, but satisfyingly more exciting. I was accepted into an online learning coven today, and have already been granted the permission to learn my first lesson. Buying supplies will be a hastle to say the least, considering money is in short supply in my life, but with the help of Wicca, I hope to turn my life around for the better with the use of faith, belief, and spells. This blog is to document my journey as I climb up the ladder of the craft, starting with novice status. Today begins day one of my one year and one day novice training, and the excitement, joy, and overall bliss that is filling my heart will only motivate me in my journey to find enlightenment. Wish me luck.

Blessed be- Keeva